TV News Stations & Weather Stations Broadcasting Rights

TV News Stations & Weather Stations have rights to use our Still shots and Live Streams for ON AIR BROADCASTING under the following rules:

A. Graphic Limitations on Streams

  • Must not cover or overlay any graphics on Streams.

B. Identification Requirement

  • Must clearly indicate verbally, or visually, the cameras are “ColoradoWebCam” produced and owned.

Paid HLS Feeds for TV Stations

Paid HLS feeds of all the webcams are available for an annual usage fee, where the TV Station can overlay and use streams on air without the above rules.

  • All streams HLS feed are $250 per month for On-Air Use and Social Media Use, Not for web streaming use.

Foreign Website Usage

Foreign Websites must pay and get permission to use LIVE STREAMS owned by ColoradoWebCam on their sites. Stream use licenses are billed annually by webcam.

Live Streams Usage

  • Foreign Website may use our SNAPSHOTS current.jpg on their sites under the following rules.
  • Any Snapshot or Stream used must not block out or overlay graphics over any watermarks or title bars. Overlays are allowed but must not block out our branding on title bar and watermark logos.
  • CLEAR BACKLINKING to must be coded into websites that use our streams or still shots. Each picture must be backlinked to the Home ColoradoWebCam Page. Without backlinking, you are in violation of the terms of use.

Image and Stream Usage Restrictions

  • It is not permitted to move or copy any of the images off the ColoradoWebCam Servers.
  • You cannot remove, retouch, or archive any images or streams from coloradowebcam server without permission.
  • TV News and Weather Stations have rights to use streams and still shots and move them for production purposes.
  • You cannot remove any webcam image from our servers and put them on your servers. That is a complete violation of terms of use.

Stream Viewing Guidelines

  • Any site using ColoradoWebCam streams on their websites must put in a timer and disconnect viewing of the streams to keep data use in check.
  • Timers to break the stream are required. We will provide the code required.

Network Development and Contact Information

  • ColoradoWebCam is actively building our Network, and we are looking for quality sites with good internet and good views that see the value of our development.
  • Contact us at (970) 379 4094 to discuss projects.

Paid Services Overview

  • Our Paid Service for TV stations to have access to all our streams for on-air is $250 Per Month / Annual Contracted.
  • Our Paid Services for camera branding starts at $100 per month per Camera Streaming on Your Website, Facebook Live Streaming, YouTube Channel Live Streaming.
  • Our Paid Service for cloud Video Surveillance of the stream for 30 days is $100 per month to buy cloud storage space to record streams.
  • Our paid streaming services are annual, we do not turn on and off the streams per customer’s request, they are 24/7 and renewed annually.

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